Bend Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer Warren John West, P.C. Can Help After a Dog Attack

When a dog bites, attacks or causes injury to someone, the dog owner is legally responsible. Injuries can occur as a result of bites, being knocked down or any number of other situations involving dogs and animals.

Most likely, the homeowner's insurance will cover the claim and provide compensation for injuries, lost wages or other damages. Our personal injury practice includes representing victims of dog injuries and animal attacks. We will walk clients through the entire legal process from start to finish.

Dealing With the Aftermath of an Animal-Related Injury

With injuries of this nature, the most common concern is dealing with treatment of the injuries and medical expenses. Dog and animal attacks can cause serious injuries and even scarring. Some victims need plastic surgery to repair damage, which is expensive and painful. Unfortunately, children often fall victim to dog and animal injuries. They may have prolonged pain and suffering as they grow and need further treatment or cosmetic surgery.

Beyond the scope of physical injuries, it can be a traumatic experience to be attacked by a dog. People often have fear and emotional suffering as a result. Counseling and therapy may be needed to help victims recover from an attack.

Experienced Bend dog bite injury attorney, Warren John West, P.C., helps victims of dog bites and animal injuries. Victims have a right to recover damages and we will protect those rights. We are a hands-on law firm where we value getting to know our clients and their needs. We keep them informed, meet with them regularly and work toward getting the best outcome possible. We focus only on personal injury and are dedicated to serving the best interests of each client.

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