First, investigate the law firm and the lawyer. Websites and other sources just start the process. Go to people whom you respect and find out what they have to say about the lawyer. Check with courthouse personnel and people with jury experience and see what they have to say about the lawyer who would be handling your claim. Mr. West has tried hundreds of jury trials and has represented thousands of clients. They will have something to say about what type of lawyer he is.


Second, meet with the lawyer and determine how qualified he or she may be. Determine the lawyer's character, ethical standards, and experience in handling this important injury claim. Try to determine if you can establish a rapport with the lawyer since you will be relying totally on his or her advice for your injury claim now and into the foreseeable future when you continue to be impacted by your injuries. Ask the lawyer about their experience in representing injured parties along with their jury experience.

Some lawyers claim to be personal injury attorneys with little, if any, trial experience. For example, would you have complicated surgery by someone who has had little experience in the operating room. The same applies to trial attorneys. Ask the lawyer if he or she will be the attorney or will you be transferred to other lawyers or associates. How can a lawyer properly represent someone unless they have met with the lawyer many times over a long period to know how the injuries are impacting their quality of life.


Finally, make the decision in a place where you are comfortable and away from the lawyer’s office. Do not sign any retainer agreement until you have had a chance to review it in the comfort of your own home and have had the chance to talk with your family and friends. You should also have the opportunity to talk with other lawyers to see what is the best fit for you.

REMEMBER - if any lawyer wants you to forego this three-step selection process, ask yourself 'why?' since this procedure will give you the best information available in selecting a personal injury attorney.

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